Owners-Pam and Paul Moody

Moodys (1)

Pam and Paul Moody and sons Noah and Paxton are long-term residents of Saint John’s County. The family loves the outdoor adventures whether it is the ocean, mountains or desert.

They have years of retail and food service experience across the country. They have lived around the country, from Maine to Washington State, from Minnesota to Texas. Pam and Paul fell in love with The Back 40 Urban Café from the initial visit there as a customer, and were very excited to be able to own it. Noah is finishing his degree at UNF, and Paxton is still in school, but both will be active in the business with Paul and Pam.

“From our initial visit, the Team working at the Back 40 were some of the most pleasant staff we had ever met. The food was excellent, and the environment was exactly what we were looking for. We have always loved Saint Augustine and wanted to own a restaurant here. We are carrying on the tradition of The Back 40 while finding ways to make the customer experience even more special.”

“We are excited to be part of the Saint Augustine community on a daily basis. We will continue to look for ways to connect with local businesses and support local business partners. Please feel free to ask for us so we can meet you.”